Fancy Dining

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  • ilovesspades1980 ( 34W / New Orleans, LA )


    Dinner; cafe; park; painting.....

  • hipnrock ( 35M / Australia )


    Drinks, dinner then coffee. Where it leads it would be up to the chemistry.

  • Kezzagold ( 39W / London, England - London )


    Movie, dinner, drinks, the full works win and dine me treat me like a queen

  • mimirican ( 29W / Tampa, FL )


    Surprise meeee I love surprises...but I do love tropical to a private beach ,or on a romantic boat ride.

  • sexyyoungthing ( 35W / Silver Spring, MD )


    my first date ideas are being taken out to a very fancy restaurant being wined and dined and just enjoying each other company for the rest of the night. following him giving me a ride back home so we can get to know each  more>>

  • Mariathomps ( 24W / London, England - London )


    Anywhere were we can have a good conversation.

  • oceanblueteen ( 35W / United Kingdom )


    Well we cut to the chase , meet up :) have lots of naughty fun :p and me to be very spolited ! And gifted by you

  • Sayhey4u2u ( 54M / Beaverton, OR )


    Amusement Parks, Restaurants, Picnic at a park or beach

  • Horndogone ( 52M / Elmhurst, IL )


    Dinner at an interesting and comfortable restaurant where we can talk for hours and get to know each other...

  • Jennacheergirl ( 22W / Perry, GA )


    I love Italian food. Also, anything simple as long as we get to talk. I am not a big fan of Fast food places since they seem to be on the cheap side and not a good ideal place for a 1st date.

  • scarlett69 ( 25W / Stockton, CA )


    a nice dinner I love steak and seafood and of course I can be dessert

  • greginlakeview ( 41M / Waltham, MA )


    Sounds like a perfect excuse to try out a nice restaurant in the city or meet up at a nice bar for a drink and dancing

  • blewmangroup ( 35M / Newport Beach, CA )


    we could like go bowling and have a beer and then go to baseball and chug a beer and then fall asleep on the floor and chug a beer

  • AmateurThespian ( 20W / Bournemouth, England - Hampshire )


    I love the sun and, when the English climate allows, can often be found at the National Trust beach in Studland on the Isle of Purbeck. Maybe I meet you there, we have a laugh, we natter about nothing important. At the e  more>>

  • happyman22 ( 29M / Ottumwa, IA )


    I would like to go on a date with you to a fancy restaurant. This way we can sit down and have a nice dinner and get to know eachother.